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Who We Are?

SIMSRC gives a brief introduction of Electro Homeopathy. There is no doubt that at present with the development of the different science in the world there has been an appreciable improvement in the matter of medical science also. Still, it is to be admitted that the entire medical sciences are under various examinations and nobody has yet been able to stay the final word in the matter. Though some serious and complicated disease has been brought under control, the complexity of the diseases is on the increase. The medicines which are curing the diseases are again responsible for creating new diseases. As a result, diseases through medicines are the latest problem in the life of human beings. To make this problem more complex the artificial lively-hood is mainly responsible.


So there has been a necessity to think about the matter of introducing alternative systems of medicines for a long time instead of the present one. The different physicians who are doing research work in medical science are thinking for centuries to find out some new medical science. To assess the qualities of the Alternative Systems of Medicines and considering the usefulness of mankind we have liberally decided to take the following steps in the matter.

Purpose of Founding

The College – Shuja’s Insitute of Medical Science | SIMSRC is founded on the concepts of public Instruction and social service is primarily devoted to the task of advertising, propagating, developing, and seeking popularity for the Electro Homoeopathic mode of treatment among the masses. Looking to the present condition of Electro Homeopathic Science in Hyderabad, when there are a few well-served persons, it was thought essential that the benefit of such a science as Electro Homeopathy which has got a satisfactory cure for all the types of acute and chronic diseases, should be conveyed to the public across the Globe.

Well, Planned Teaching & Training: Our course is scientifically planned and expertly taught by the Doctors, who are not only specialists in their respective fields but also have direct practical experience, the benefit of which they pass on to the students, so that the students, maybe good doctors of future to serve the people of the nation the highly qualified and experienced tutors pay individual attention to increase the knowledge of students. Apart from theoretical training through the books, maps and charts are also provided. There is an arrangement for practical training and treatment at the hospital attached to the college where the patients are treated in a huge number.


Dr Shuja Khan